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Pest Control Contracts In London & The Home Counties

At Best Pest Control, we offer our customers the absolute best in service and support, both controlling and eradicating pest problems throughout London, and into the Home Counties. Here, we’ve outlined our key contract pest control services, which offer peace of mind, efficiency, and reliability in abundance. If you require any further information from us at any time, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best Pest Control provides a wide range of practical, effective solutions for both commercial and residential pests. Regardless of whether they crawl, fly, sneak or scurry we can provide one-off treatments, or implement regular full pest control maintenance.

Pest Proofing

Pest Control Contracts For London Businesses


All of our contracts can be arranged to work flexibly, with any frequency of service, or to take place over any period of time. This provides restaurant owners, takeaways, hotel owners, business owners, and public service buildings including schools to have an as-you-need it pest control service close to hand at all times.

Our Pest Control Contracts Include:

Complete exclusion
Methods that keep pests from your premises

Preventing infestations by implementing positive housekeeping

Completely eradicating pests when they become a problem

Ensuring that these three essential services are implemented as and when you need them, our contracts also include:

  • Regular visits, whereby the premises is thoroughly inspected in all areas
  • The installation of monitors or detectors, if deemed appropriate
  • The fire safety of your premises
  • The overall protection of your building
  • An effective reporting system that details visits, findings, methods used, and our recommendations for further control or eradication implementation
  • Emergency call-outs as required, and follow-up visits to deal with infestations identified

Furthermore, to ensure that your premises are protected at all levels, we also offer comprehensive solutions for the following:

  • The protection of your computer systems
  • The safety and pleasance of your working and living conditions
  • The fire safety of your premises
  • The overall protection of your building
  • Your compliance with legislation
  • Your compliances with food safety standards
  • Your expenditure, with you unlikely to pay for costly repairs due to pests
  • Your damage prevention methods for the site, facilities and its stock

With Best Pest Control you can rely on:

  • A swift response from your local team, with competitive rates for your pest control contract in London or the Home Counties
  • A team that are environmentally aware at all times when using control and eradication methods
  • Professional, technical expertise and correct use of pesticides
  • Professional, technical expertise and correct use of pesticides 
  • A comprehensive understanding of all existing health and safety regulations for London pest control contracts – and regular engagement with new regulations

What To Expect From Your Pest Control Service

In this first instance we will carry out a full survey on your premises, without any cost to you, our customer. Our initial quotation will be based primarily on the findings of this survey, and also taking into account your own needs and expectations. Over time, your London pest control contract can be renewed on an annual basis, if required.

Once the agreement is in place, our highly trained professionals will effectively manage the area as agreed, including any tough-to-access areas. Our reputation within the London commercial contract sector sees us visit and safely deal with pests at manufacturing sites, warehouses, and many other businesses. We also work with leisure facilities, including restaurants, hotels and caravan parks, as well as dedicated youth clubs and fitness facilities. Also dealing with pests on farms, and private homes in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey, we take pride in our work, our reputation, and your property.

Plus, with a 24 hour emergency call-out service, every one of our pest control contracts in London has the added bonus of one-off, high impact pest treatments at any time.

Fast, local response emergency 24 hour pest control services

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