There are several ways you can approach the control and removal of rodents from your premises and local environment. Physical control methods, including trapping and proofing, certainly have their merits as an effective way of dealing with rodents, but they also have their disadvantages too. Knowing how and when to apply these methods, choose an alternative method, or incorporate a combination of both, is essential to ensuring your problem is dealt with successfully.

Rodenticide control methods

An extremely useful alternative to physical control methods is the use of rodenticides. This is a high risk, but potent way to deal with rodents, when used correctly, with an awareness of the type of pest, the location, and the local environment. The use of rodenticide should always be carried out by fully trained and qualified experts in the field of pest control.:

At Best Pest Control we have a wide range of different rodenticides, capable of dealing with a number of different rodents, including rats and mice. Whether controlling the rodent population or helping to maintain a completely pest-free environment, we have a 24 hour pest management service for London and all surrounding areas.

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