A Control Method For Any Pest On Your Premises

Unfortunately, it’s not just the tiny and the most often unseen pests that can disturb the peace, not to mention your peace of mind, as they near the property. There are an entire range of other notorious pests that can make living or working more problematic. With foxes and pigeons amongst these tough-to-control pests, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s a solution for every pest here at Best Pest Control.

A Tailored Approach To Your Pests

So, with urban foxes and flocks of pigeons simply part and parcel of city life, there are a number of ways they can cause problems to local residents. From being attracted to refuse areas, or leisure locations where humans leave food waste, to sniffing out the food you’re making within your property, without proper control methods their numbers will inevitably increase.

Plus, pests always carry a health risk, and pigeons especially are known to carry a wide range of diseases which, in turn, can lead to more infestations. From many different kinds of beetle, to moths, flies and tiny mites, it can sometimes be a case of one pest leading to another, then many others.

So, the first step is to establish the pest, the risk, and calculate the solution. One of our experienced technicians will conduct a thorough investigation of your pest problem, and talk you through the process of reducing its impact. Then, once agreed, we’ll get to work on the exclusion and control methods that will deter pests and reduce numbers.

We even tackle the likes of woodworms, and many other pests that you would never expect to find near or inside your property. If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that if there’s an ideal environment for a particular pest – you can bet that pest will find it.

Efficient And Humane Pest Control

All of our fox control solutions are carried out in accordance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and the Protection of Animals Act 1911, which equates to an effective, but an ultimately humane method of control. Whatever pest we’re dealing with, we always combine an effective, tailored approach, with humane methods, and will soon have your pigeon, fox or other pest problem in hand.

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