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Across London, we pride ourselves on the efficiency of our work and the rapid response of our professionals. With pest control technicians and surveyors located throughout London and the Home Counties, we’re only ever a short time away from you – or any distance from dealing with your pests.

With so many pesky critters that can make themselves at home, practically anywhere and at any time, it’s only natural that we should also be available
at any time, day or night. We know their favourite spots, their most ideal environments and every sneaky species that takes residence at your property, inside and out.


We come to homes, businesses and public service premises to safely and effectively deal with the likes of mice, rats and squirrels. Using a combination of trapping, proofing and pest management techniques, we have an excellent success rate in dealing with rodent problems.


We specialise in a number of effective treatments in both control and eradication of insect and small bug infestations. From rapid, decisive insecticides to more long-lasting, controlled solutions, with just a quick survey of your site, we will deliver the ideal method for you.


When it comes to the beasties with wings, we can assist with swarms and nests, establish exactly where they are coming from and ensure they don’t come back any time soon. With effective control, proofing and prevention as standard, you’ll soon be free from flying pests.


Across London and the Home Counties, there are, of course, various other pests capable of causing a problem to any property. From city foxes to flocks of pigeons, we apply safe, controlled techniques and exclusion methods to quickly reduce numbers of the local pest population.

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