Rodent Control

  • mice in your house mouse

    10 Signs You Have Mice In Your House

    Do you have mice in your house? Before you hire an exterminator, it is important that you ascertain if you do actually have mice. Here are 10 things you should look out for to determine if your home is infested. 1. Visible sightings of mice This is by far...

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  • mouse proofing London table

    Why Mouse Proofing London Homes Matters

    Are you being kept up at night by mice scurrying across your attic? Or waking up to find brown pellets on your kitchen floor, or groceries torn apart by nocturnal invaders? The unfortunate truth is that mice are a daily part of life in this city. Which is why...

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  • sewer rats

    Things You Never Knew About London Sewer Rats

    Although this might sound like a slightly bizarre thing to say, London sewer rats are actually fascinating creatures. They are an intrinsic part of London’s history and their lives are intertwined with the humans that live above them. When we are not in London inside people’s homes and businesses...

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