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  • clothing moth infestation

    Help Me Identify Types Of Moths In My House

    If you’re searching for, “types of moths in my house” you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll learn about the most common moths, the problems they cause and how to get rid of them. Bear in mind, it is the larvae of the moths, that do most of...

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  • london at night

    24 Hour Pest Control: When To Call Us Out

    Why do we offer 24 hour pest control? While this service may seem odd to a lot of people, there are good reasons why we do this. You see, what most people don’t realise is that there are actually dozens of reasons why you might need 24 hours pest...

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  • rat catcher london

    Daily Duties Of A London Rat Catcher

    Mention the phrase, “rat catcher London” and the first thing which springs to mind is a kind of Dickensian figure. Someone marching around the city with a large club, which they use to kill rats – accompanied by a terrier dog or a cat. But rat control has moved...

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  • responsible pest control wildlife

    What Does Wildlife Responsible Pest Control Entail?

    What is the most important part of being an exterminator? Believe it or not, our most vital task is responsible pest control. You see, in our capacity as pest control technicians we use enormous amounts of dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Our chief aim is to protect the environment while...

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