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Best Pest Control, based in London give a professional variety of pest control solutions for any kind of house or organisation throughout the North, South, East and also West of London.

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Trusted, effective and reliable pest control solutions for whatever size or type of problem you may have.

Exceptional Pest Control In London & The Home Counties

From the urban environment of London, to residential districts, and open areas outside of the city, we provide specialist pest control services for businesses and homeowners alike.

Using tested, trusted, and industry-approved pest control solutions, we are available 24/7 for our clients, and can quickly and effectively implement the ideal pest control, pest proofing, and pest prevention services for you. We respond rapidly, identify problems and solutions quickly, and implement them effectively.

Our expert team deliver affordable control and eradication methods, getting right to the core of the issue within a short time, and ensuring that you quickly see the benefit of the absolute best pest control service in London and the home counties. Already serving 10,000 businesses and residential premises, we have a large team of technicians on hand at all times – get in touch to find out more today.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control

Whether you’re a home or commercial property owner, we’ve got everything you need to tackle your pest problem. We are proud to already support a number of London businesses and communities, whether it’s preventing rodents from entering properties or eradicating an insect infestation. As every property and situation is unique, it only makes sense that we should offer a tailored service to every customer, and pest problem:

Residential Pest Control
We only employ qualified, experienced experts, who will quickly and effectively deal with pest problems in your home or garden.

Commercial Pest Control
Ideal for commercial properties of any size, whether it’s privately owned or let for business – we offer flexible solutions for everyone.


Pest Proofing

A Professional Solution For Every Pest


Understanding the urgency involved in dealing with pests, we offer a 24 hour pest control service, when situations arise that need dealing with urgently. Our pest control technicians and surveyors are never far away from London and home counties’ properties, whether they’re providing on-the-spot advice, or implementing precise, pest control methods.


Anytime Pest Control For Every Client


Once you’ve saved 0203 633 6334 into your contacts list, you’ve always got access to your local pest control experts. Whether it’s a late night issue at a hotel or restaurant, or an early morning infestation that’s causing terror in the home, you won’t have to wait long to resolve it. We can even work around your business schedule, ensuring the absolute minimum of disruption to your routine.



Common Known Pests


There are many common pests that we and, unfortunately, you encounter on a regular basis. Rest assured however, that we are just as effective when dealing with bed bugs, as we are when controlling foxes. No matter the size or numbers of the pests, we’ve got the solution.


Meet the pests we work with


Pest Specialists In London


As we are fully qualified in everything we do, we have access to a number of insecticides, rodenticides, and other specialist treatments that you won’t be able to purchase yourself. And in fact, we would never recommend that you did – when we decide that a potentially dangerous treatment will be the most effective for your pest problem, we adhere to precise health and safety regulations.

This could mean advising you to keep children, pets or staff out of certain areas for the duration of the treatment, and you will always be kept up to date on where, how and why we are applying our pest control solutions. At all times, our work is carried out in accordance with the Health & Safety Act 1974, the Food & Environmental Act 1985, and Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986.

Tailored Pest Control Solutions

Get in touch with us for tailored pest control option customised to your demands.

Over the years, we’ve adapted what we do to deliver a consultative approach to pest control. This means that every situation is assessed individually, as opposed to trying to deliver a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. This allows us to not only scrutinise everything thoroughly on a purely local level but also take into account your situation as the home or property owner too. We consider the pests themselves, their habitats and behaviours, their usual rate of infestation, and the likelihood of the problem returning.

Then, our experts will work out the most effective way to either control or eradicate the problem, and talk you through any pest proofing options that may help you now, and in the future. No matter the size of your home, or the sector your business operates in, we can help. We already work with businesses in food production, food retail, transport and logistics, leisure and fitness, and high street retail.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will we need to leave the premises during pest treatments?

Thankfully, no. While there are some situations, including fumigation treatments, that will require you to vacate the property with your pets, and cover any house plants, most of the time this won’t be required.

You will always know, well in advance, which processes we will be following, and what their impact will be on you on the day. We’ll tell you about any chemicals we intend to use, how long everything will take, and how you and others in the property may be affected. 

We work professionally to ensure there are no surprises at your end.


How long do pest control treatments last?

Things like the size of the property, the pest involved, and the size of the infestation will all be taken into account, as will the number of people in the property and what it is used for. More often than not, however, commercial visits will be completed within 2-4 hours, and residential visits within 2-3 hours.

However, we do provide a completely tailored service, so if you have certain time constraints or other commitments that we need to be aware of, simply let us know. We can also arrange to visit your property before and after business hours, if required.


Do you only offer pest control services in London?

We are extremely active in London, serving 10,000 businesses and residential properties in the city. However, we are also readily available in the home counties too, and have also been asked to provide our services from Scotland to the Isle of Man.

If we are unable to bring our services directly to you, we do have a wide network of reliable contacts in many regions, and so may be able to offer you expert advice on which pest control service near you will be ‘best’.


Can you completely eradicate fleas?

These pests in particular are notoriously tough to get rid of completely. Fleas tend to return, time after time, as pet owners are unable to completely eradicate them on the animals involved.

When it comes to fleas in the property, for instance on furniture and carpets, we can treat these but we don’t deal with animals directly.


Why use Best Pest Control as opposed to the likes of Rentokil?

Some of the most experienced pest control experts are already part of our team, encompassing many years of expertise in the industry, plus relevant qualifications and the successful completion of pest control courses.


Can I do the same pest control work myself with shop bought stuff?

While you can certainly buy some useful products online or in-store, most of the most effective treatments will not be available to buy for the general public. This is because our industry is highly-regulated at all levels, and untrained people will not be professionally equipped to use them safely and effectively.

We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in our high-end pest control equipment, enabling us to apply the right volume and strength of chemicals into homes and commercial properties. We would advise that you always have your pest control performed by a trained, experienced professional.


What if my pest problem isn’t listed on your site?

Then still get in touch with us. There are hundreds of other pests we can deal with, other than the most frequently found ones that we list on our site. You may have found woodworm, African Land Snails, or Norwegian Wharf Rats – there will always be a treatment or solution available to tackle them.

Over the years we’ve encountered so many unusual pests, sometimes at very familiar commercial premises – but discretion is a big part of what we do, so whatever your problem, we, and we alone will deal with it quietly, and effectively.


My business needs regular treatments? Will there be any discount available?

It’s perfectly normal for businesses in the food service industry to require regular termite control, or other pest control treatments. Subsequently, it’s only reasonable that we can provide a discount when regular treatments are required.

Once we’ve been to your premises once, we’ll know our way around and identify the most common and expected areas where pest problems can reoccur. Overall, it actually costs us less to regularly manage pest control problems like this, so we pass those savings straight on to you.


I’ve got a pest problem, but can I wait a while to deal with them?

So, given that many pests are actually fast breeding, you can appreciate that from just a few, you’re going to experience a lot within a short space of time. Other pests, such as woodworms, can cause a massive amount of financial pain.

The best bet for you and your property is to get professional assistance as soon as possible and, partly for this reason, we offer a 24 emergency call out service in London. Alternatively, you could book the next or earliest available slot, and wait just a short time for a professional to come to you.


Are there any pests you don’t control?

We would like to say no, but it does depend on what you classify as a pest! We can’t deal with noisy dogs or nosy cats owned by your neighbours, for instance – it’s strictly those infestations and growing threats from the pests that aren’t owned by anyone nearby. However, we can expertly deal with many hundreds of other pests – just get in touch to learn more.


Fast, local response emergency 24 hour pest control services

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